About Us

Now, more than ever, responsibility for securing one’s financial future rests with each of us. Pensions have been replaced by employee-driven retirement savings plans, wages are stagnant, and at best social security benefits will be reduced in coming years. No doubt, wise choices need to be made to ensure ours, and our family’s, financial well being.

Yet the landscape remains littered with online brokerages that push active trading over intelligent long-term investment - services woefully out of touch with today’s needs.

Welcome to Kivalia - the next generation advisory platform for individual investors. In Sanskrit, Kaivalya refers to the state of emancipation, freedom or liberation from the Elements - Sound, Touch, Form, Taste and Smell. It’s a mental state where clarity resides; a path to eternal happiness.

We set out to create a parallel in the investment industry – a clear process for, and path to, attaining your financial goals. A service that strips away the noise, simplifies the process, and educates along the way. An offering that provides actionable advice and recommendations; and then tracks these recommendations so that you can evaluate their worth over time. A service based on honesty and trust.

Brian Murphy, CFA, MBA
CEO & Co-founder
Brian brings over twenty years of quantitative investment experience to Kivalia. Brian's insights as founder and CEO of Pariveda, Inc., an up and coming Registered Investment Advisor located in Los Altos, CA, bring real-world industry perspective to Kivalia's competitive positioning. Previously, he worked at Mainstay Capital Management, MFS and BARRA. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Rafael Hernandez, MSCS
Rafa brings more than twenty five years of technological innovation, software development and management experience to Kivalia.
Previously, he worked at IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Endless Mobile and other startups. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University.